Finance Masterclass

July 13, 2019 in
Finance Masterclass2

Finance Masterclass2

The Finance for Business Professional& Entrepreneurs workshop is designed to equip both Finance practitioners and other business professionals on the various aspects of Accounting and Finance for business, with a view to understanding how a grasp of the subject could impact business positively. The program will enhance the knowledge of Finance and Accounting practitioners as well as serve as refresher in some specific areas, while equipping business managers and entrepreneurs with requisite skills and competences to move their business from borderline to profitability, through mastery of the finance side of business.

In addition, the program will enable experienced Practitioners and Entrepreneurs to understand the changing dynamics in Finance modelling, whilst sharpening their competencies and skillsto win in the marketplace continuously. This program will help participants to understand, implement and manage a strategically aligned Finance function with the corporate goals and objectives, equip leadersto manage from simple to complex teams and processes that will make them confident and deliver top notch business results.

At the end of the program, participants will not only be equipped to satisfy their business and customer expectations, but also become respected and value adding in their leadership position and decision makingwithin their selected industry.
Program Objectives

The Finance Masterclass will focus on very important learning required from the basic concepts and principles of book-keeping, to manage various Finance project, function or team and improve productivity and profitability results. It will also be an opportunity for participants to interact and share knowledge with vastly experienced industry leaders who will facilitate the sessions, with the rare opportunity and platform to start a mentoring or coaching relationship after the formal training program.

Bookkeeping and basic accounting concepts for business:
• Accounting principles
• Practical accounting process
• Accounting cycle
• Fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting records
• Types of accounting reports

Understanding financial statements
• Understanding balance sheet, income statement and statement of cashflows
• Interconnectivity of financial statements
• Basics of financial reporting

Financial ratios and business strategy
• Calculating and understanding financial ratios
• Evaluating business performance through ratio analysis
• Understanding relationship between cashflow drivers and business operating environment

Planning, financial investments and decision making in business
• Understanding the budgeting process
• The concept of opportunity cost
• Investment ratios
• Financial forecasting and modelling


This course covers the finance fundamentals and is suitable for the following:

 Professionals Finance practitioners and Teams members
 Team Leaders responsible for managing Finance Teams
 Business Leaders responsible for Revenue or Customer Management
 Entrepreneurs and Business Managers
 Other Managers and Professionals desirous of understanding the Finance & Accounting functions.


Course Fee: N120,000.00 (One Hundred and Twenty thousand Nairaonly). Covering course materials, Lunch & certificate of attendance and completion.

Venue: Emerald Zone – 15 Ogunlowo Street, off Obafemi Awolowo Way – Ikeja, Lagos.