Setting Goals for Year 2020!

November 13, 2019 in Business, Professionalism

So Its less than 60 days to the end of this year, clearly Planning for Year 2020 starts now: Every Organization and even individuals that that intends to achieve milestone success in the coming year should have commenced the planning process this is kicked off with Goal Setting.

Setting business goals within an organization is common practice, shared globally by all businesses. Executives set business goals that help increase motivation and determination, as well as those that offer critical learning strategies for training purposes.

it is important to be deliberate about goal setting and here are some quick steps to help with setting achievable goals. Goals are best when they are

  1. Defined 
    The first step in setting business goals is determining exactly what you want to accomplish. Make sure your goal is worth your effort. Think about how you would design goals if you were certain that they would be successful. Conversely, what would your strategy be if this was your last opportunity? It’s important to set clear goals; you should know exactly where you want to go and you should not waiver from your target regardless of failures along the way. Be as specific as possible, so you are able to determine when you’ve reached your goal.
  2. Specific 
    Once again, make sure your business goals aren’t too vague. It’s critical to use a goal setting formula that gives your goal a built-in action plan. Define your end goal and create a road map for exactly how you’re going to reach your goal. Be specific with what you want to accomplish at each check point. You’ll achieve a great deal more than you would without these guidelines.
  3. Focused on
    Make a commitment and stick with it. Once you’ve set your plan in motion, stay motivated to see your goals through to the end. Don’t procrastinate or second-guess your decisions, as this will only delay the process. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and reward yourself for staying focused.
  4. Timebound
    If you don’t set a deadline, your goal will fail. Goals without deadlines indicate that you are not fully committed. Determining a deadline puts your goal into context. Pick a reasonable date that isn’t too aggressive, but also not too far away.
  5. Motivation is attached.
    In the goal-setting process, there’s one very important thing to remember: you. Once you’ve accomplished a goal or reached a milestone within your goal, make sure to mark the occasion. You’ve invested an incredible amount of time, energy and determination to reach your goal, so make sure you take a moment to celebrate your success.

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August 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.” – Mahatma Gandhi.


The Bad news is time flies, the Good news is you are the Pilot.

Every leader and manager of resources must start off the day, month or year with the deliberate commitment to keep standards high, and achieve set objectives. The leader must be accountable to self and all other stakeholders, in putting to the best use, resources at their disposal. That’s your leadership hallmark.

So, at mid term of the year, its a great time to ask a few questions around – what am I doing? and How am I doing?

Such questions will certainly help reposition for a better second half. Duty calls!