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Getting our performance to peak takes just an extra effort more. Water at 99 degrees is just hot, but at 100 degrees, water boils! If you let out the steam at 99 degrees, you will never enjoy the benefits and use of boiling water. Go that 1 more degree but if we give up , we may never get that pleasure that comes with peak performance .

Every successive firm established prioritize workers’ performance as a primary goal. Greater productivity and efficiency results in increased profit and market share; it’s that simple. When workers are not learning or improving, and are not motivated and committed to their assignment, the objectives, targets and business suffers.

However, with challenges faced,organizations firstly needs to acknowledge the contributions of the employees to the growth of the organization i.e. acknowledging the effort and time spent on a particular project or task motivates an employee. It improves morale among the staff. Employees are more likely to do their best if their contributions are recognized. It is also important to acknowledge achievements even if they are small. Managers and supervisors should appraise employees when they participate in a project. The staff will be willing to apply their creativity if they know that their contributions are valuable to the organization. Success is only possible if the employees are giving their best.

Employees should not dread reporting to work.  Work is important but your employees also need time to relax and unwind  once in a while. Organize some fun activities at least once a month.  People tend to be more focused when they are relaxed. Fun activities rejuvenate us and prepare us to deal with serious matters. If you are looking for ideas on how to improve employee performance, schedule a day of fun outside the office. Close the office a couple of hours earlier and offer snacks and games for employees to enjoy.

Organizations that do not know how to improve employee performance should begin by reviewing the kind of training that they offer. Staff performance can be improved through effective training. The training programs you design should equip employees with relevant skills. On-job training should aim to boost employee skills. Staff should be allowed to attend various workshops and conferences that are related to their work roles. An organization also needs to encourage its staff to take classes that will help them to improve. Training should not be limited to a particular period. It should be ongoing. Technology has made it possible for employees to go through training without disrupting their day-to-day activities. Online training programs allow the employees to learn required skills at their convenience. Once employees are equipped with the right kind of skills, they can carry out their roles more efficiently and this improves their performance.

Goals are paramount  if you are trying to learn how to improve employee performance. If an organization does not have goals, employees have nothing to work towards. It is difficult to boost performance if the employees do not know why they have to come to work every day. Successful organizations establish goals and communicate them to their employees. When there are goals in place, employees can direct their effort towards a shared vision. Sharing the company’s vision also makes employees feel that they are important stakeholders. This drives them to work harder to meet the established goals. It is actually easy for an organization learn how to improve employee performance. They also need to offer valuable training and ensure the work environment is positive. Employees need an opportunity to have fun and relax to energize them for work. Communication is also significant to encourage progress.

It’s time to get to the peak. Water at 99 degrees is just hot, but at 100 degrees, water boils! If you let out the steam at 99 degrees, you will never enjoy the benefits and use of boiling water. Go that 1 more degree. Go that extra mile to peak performance.


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“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.” – Mahatma Gandhi.


The Bad news is time flies, the Good news is you are the Pilot.

Every leader and manager of resources must start off the day, month or year with the deliberate commitment to keep standards high, and achieve set objectives. The leader must be accountable to self and all other stakeholders, in putting to the best use, resources at their disposal. That’s your leadership hallmark.

So, at mid term of the year, its a great time to ask a few questions around – what am I doing? and How am I doing?

Such questions will certainly help reposition for a better second half. Duty calls!




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Today offers you and I a brand new opportunity for a fresh new beginning. It’s a brand new day, a New week, a New month, a New quarter, a New half year. Everything is NEW! “To discover new lands, we must first be secured to lose sight of existing shores” So, take a fresh breath, go out and win. Set a fresh performance contract for yourself. Set new rules, new records. Be deliberate about your execution and you will do excellently well.