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 Go Find Your Passion!!!

When you find passion in what you do, you not only do it with ease, you also get good results. Importantly, you make impact and deliver value across board. Finally, you find joy and fulfilment. Clients and friends have often asked me how I switch from talking Strategy and Growth, to HR & People and Sales & Performance. I have thought about it too several times. Eureka, I found the answer – PASSION! Sales & Performance is the oxygen for survival in any business endeavor. Oxygen is nothing if there’s no conversion of that chemical by respiration for usage. People bring about this respiration process. Strategy is the link or go between for an effective and functional body system. My PASSION comes from the combination of these elements to various Core Business Areas, daily finding opportunities for execution with excellence to deliver value for business through highly motivated individuals and Teams. That is my PASSION! What is yours?



August 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

There is a time for everything!

In a week or more, my banana fruits below will be ready for harvest. I’ve continually nurtured the plant for some years going. There’s the season to plant, water, weed, and time to prune. If you stay through it all, harvest will surely come. Dear professional and entrepreneur,don’t abandon your dreams halfway. Where you are now took a lot of time and effort. Stay at it. Keep forging forward. As you take a few moment to reflect, always remember that “Nothing Ventures, Nothing Wins” So, learn something new to improve, unlearn something that’s been a hindrance and keep relearning those things that brought you success and smile in the past and apply. Remember, Harvest is on the way!