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There is a time for everything!

In a week or more, my banana fruits below will be ready for harvest. I’ve continually nurtured the plant for some years going. There’s the season to plant, water, weed, and time to prune. If you stay through it all, harvest will surely come. Dear professional and entrepreneur,don’t abandon your dreams halfway. Where you are now took a lot of time and effort. Stay at it. Keep forging forward. As you take a few moment to reflect, always remember that “Nothing Ventures, Nothing Wins” So, learn something new to improve, unlearn something that’s been a hindrance and keep relearning those things that brought you success and smile in the past and apply. Remember, Harvest is on the way!


August 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

Every manager of resource understands that to earn dividends in the future,you must set aside something now in form of investments. To continually remain relevant and compete favorably in the marketplace, you must periodically engage in capability development and knowledge sharing. In August 2019, based on requests from interested participants in the North + East Regions of Nigeria, the Sales Masterclass Program will be running in Abuja and Enugu respectively. Join top notch industry professionals and subject matter experts who will be facilitating these sessions. Opportunities also for networking and post training mentoring and coaching by industry leaders. “If you’re not learning, while earning, you’re cheating yourself of the Most important part of your compensation” Invest today, earn dividends tomorrow. Details: emeraldzonemail@gmail.com Kindly share with a friend within those regions.