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Leadership comes with service.

Leaders must constantly look out for opportunities to give back to community to make a difference today and in the future. RSW 3.0 was such rare opportunity where about 350 professionals from different walks of life, volunteered 13 weekends of their time to prepare about 5000 final year students of the different tertiary institutions in Lagos, for the world of work. Thank you Gov. Ambode and SA Education of Lagos State for providing the platform.

The experience was terrific! You could practically see the transformation in the lives of the beneficial scholars. Truly ready and prepared to take on the world. Got me thinking – if we can all reach out with a little heart of service and sacrifice, we can change the narrative of the poor state of education in the country.

To all co-volunteers, was a pleasure coming with you in this journey, and to our super RSW graduates, the world of work and entrepreneurship is all laid out before you to explore. Take it on!!!


August 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

As we get on our career paths and journey, one of the rare opportunities that comes along is an Executive or Business School education. The learning curve at this rung of the pyramid comes with a load of responsibility. Business School education is not only about the awards conferred, but the clarion call to step out and change the narrative to make business, community, society and nationhood much effective than you met it. It is getting beyond the ordinary. Thank you LBS for providing a world-class standard of education. Thank you Peter Amangbo for the charge and code of business conduct. We pledge to make a difference. So help me God!