Leadership Immersion Program

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Leaders do the right things, part of which is continuous learning. We just completed a 2 days – 16Hours leadership immersion program for a busy executive, who has taken time out of the usual very busy schedule, to understand the People & HR side of business.

At Emerald Zone, we organise these kind of immersion in HR, Sales/Marketing & Finance. Here, experienced subject matter experts take such business leaders through the fundamentals and core, followed by post session coaching.

For a leader, learning NEVER stops. As you find time to invest in capability development for yourself and teams, you are no doubt paying it forward for growth and continuous improvement.


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LEADERSHIP is giving a nudge. Great leaders leave room for initiative and ownership.



Leadership Goals

Sunday was an apprentice barber. He had been an apprentice for well over a year. Most weekends when I visit the salon, he was always standing around, whilst the boss take turns to shave customers one after the other. Sometimes, an average waiting time could be about 2 hours.

A couple of months back, when I got to the salon, I was 5th on queue. As usual, Sunday was still seen as “apprentice” everyone was waiting for the “master barbar” So I signalled Sunday to come give me my haircut.

The rest is history! I got one of the best and smooth haircut I could remember in a long while. Then the next person, and next… that day, Sunday graduated from being an apprentice.

Today, everyone wants Sunday to do their cut. He not only does a perfect job, his confidence has gone to a whole new level and pedestal!

When you give employees opportunity to run with your ideas while you act your role as a coach, they will do far more than you expect.

Give someone a Nudge today and watch them fly!


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 Go Find Your Passion!!!

When you find passion in what you do, you not only do it with ease, you also get good results. Importantly, you make impact and deliver value across board. Finally, you find joy and fulfilment. Clients and friends have often asked me how I switch from talking Strategy and Growth, to HR & People and Sales & Performance. I have thought about it too several times. Eureka, I found the answer – PASSION! Sales & Performance is the oxygen for survival in any business endeavor. Oxygen is nothing if there’s no conversion of that chemical by respiration for usage. People bring about this respiration process. Strategy is the link or go between for an effective and functional body system. My PASSION comes from the combination of these elements to various Core Business Areas, daily finding opportunities for execution with excellence to deliver value for business through highly motivated individuals and Teams. That is my PASSION! What is yours?