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Business is a competitive game

Business is a competitive game. Sometimes it feels like war. Really that is what it is. Like the African gazelle, it must daily outrun the lion or end up on the dinner table. Conversely, the lion must be strategic and nimble enough to match the dexterity of the gazelle or starve. In the midst of this stiff competition, you must differentiate, position and look out for opportunities for collaboration.


August 15, 2019 in Uncategorized


In the wake of recent events in the business environment, I asked a client if they have a sexual harassment policy in place.

“No, we are a small organisation and things like that should not bother at the moment.” the response.

I reminded the client that we operate in a VUCA world. The entire ecosystem is dotted by various risks and vulnerabilities that has no respect for size, place and kind of business.

Regulatory, Human Capital, Political, Cyberspace risks are a few of such exposures businesses face. If not properly mitigated, such have potential to expose and even stretch your business to its very wits and foundation.

When last did your organisation perform a Risk Assessment on Human Capital? Do you have a business continuity plan? Have you recently implemented a Risk response drill? Do you maintain an updated risk register and control framework?

If any of these agitate you or is an area to worry about, we carry out comprehensive Risk Assessment and Audit, to help you cover your backside in business, whilst you continue to focus on Deals, Flows and Core Operations