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As we get on our career paths and journey, one of the rare opportunities that comes along is an Executive or Business School education. The learning curve at this rung of the pyramid comes with a load of responsibility. Business School education is not only about the awards conferred, but the clarion call to step out and change the narrative to make business, community, society and nationhood much effective than you met it. It is getting beyond the ordinary. Thank you LBS for providing a world-class standard of education. Thank you Peter Amangbo for the charge and code of business conduct. We pledge to make a difference. So help me God!


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We have all heard the term failure is an orphan, among other similar statements. No one wants to be associated with failure. We treat failure with a very long pole, with disdain. I also do. We are all dead right. However, I just got reminded that failure is actually good and should be embraced.
“If you are not making mistakes, then you are not making decisions” – Catherine Cook.
So, go out and strike more in 2019. Don’t be afraid to fail, only fail forward!
Management FastTrack.


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Have you imagined what the workplace and market place will be if there are no rivalries or competition? If there is no striving for mastery or pushing the boundaries to change and improve outcomes and results? All will be very drab and boring! Yet, imagine again what chaos we will have if there are no collaborations within teams, departments, firms and even nations to work on a common agenda? Catastrophes. As you launch out this week, look out for opportunities for collaboration. It may very well take you just farther than going solo.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller.



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Business is a competitive game

Business is a competitive game. Sometimes it feels like war. Really that is what it is. Like the African gazelle, it must daily outrun the lion or end up on the dinner table. Conversely, the lion must be strategic and nimble enough to match the dexterity of the gazelle or starve. In the midst of this stiff competition, you must differentiate, position and look out for opportunities for collaboration.

Leadership Immersion Program

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Leaders do the right things, part of which is continuous learning. We just completed a 2 days – 16Hours leadership immersion program for a busy executive, who has taken time out of the usual very busy schedule, to understand the People & HR side of business.

At Emerald Zone, we organise these kind of immersion in HR, Sales/Marketing & Finance. Here, experienced subject matter experts take such business leaders through the fundamentals and core, followed by post session coaching.

For a leader, learning NEVER stops. As you find time to invest in capability development for yourself and teams, you are no doubt paying it forward for growth and continuous improvement.


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LEADERSHIP is giving a nudge. Great leaders leave room for initiative and ownership.



Leadership Goals

Sunday was an apprentice barber. He had been an apprentice for well over a year. Most weekends when I visit the salon, he was always standing around, whilst the boss take turns to shave customers one after the other. Sometimes, an average waiting time could be about 2 hours.

A couple of months back, when I got to the salon, I was 5th on queue. As usual, Sunday was still seen as “apprentice” everyone was waiting for the “master barbar” So I signalled Sunday to come give me my haircut.

The rest is history! I got one of the best and smooth haircut I could remember in a long while. Then the next person, and next… that day, Sunday graduated from being an apprentice.

Today, everyone wants Sunday to do their cut. He not only does a perfect job, his confidence has gone to a whole new level and pedestal!

When you give employees opportunity to run with your ideas while you act your role as a coach, they will do far more than you expect.

Give someone a Nudge today and watch them fly!


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“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.” – Mahatma Gandhi.


The Bad news is time flies, the Good news is you are the Pilot.

Every leader and manager of resources must start off the day, month or year with the deliberate commitment to keep standards high, and achieve set objectives. The leader must be accountable to self and all other stakeholders, in putting to the best use, resources at their disposal. That’s your leadership hallmark.

So, at mid term of the year, its a great time to ask a few questions around – what am I doing? and How am I doing?

Such questions will certainly help reposition for a better second half. Duty calls!




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 It’s a brand new week!!!


This is a brand new week

As you launch into new horizons and seek new opportunities, determine to make this week more rewarding and impactful by taking along with you this piece of advise from Angela Merkel. If I summarize this another way: “Under promise, Over deliver”! Create an entirely new level of leadership and experience for your team and your customers. Be truly amazing.


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Today offers you and I a brand new opportunity for a fresh new beginning. It’s a brand new day, a New week, a New month, a New quarter, a New half year. Everything is NEW! “To discover new lands, we must first be secured to lose sight of existing shores” So, take a fresh breath, go out and win. Set a fresh performance contract for yourself. Set new rules, new records. Be deliberate about your execution and you will do excellently well.

Local Competence & Global Relevance.

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Earlier this year, I had the privilege of speaking to a global audience of entrepreneurs, business leaders, research fellows at a summit on business development and entrepreneurship. I recently got invite to speak at next year’s conference in San Francisco on same topic of positioning for growth. My findings from this year summit:

  • The dynamics of entrepreneurship are the same globally.
  • The friction points are always there across various industries and nations. Opportunities abound globally. Search for it.
  • You must continuously be well positioned.
  • If you stay hungry, you will soon reap the rewards. So, to  you all out there – professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, my little advise, stay in your lane. Your rewards is just around the bend. Don’t give up!